What’s the benefits of using WP as the CMS of your website

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WordPress is among the most popular CMS in the world, and for a good reason.

I remember when creating a website was not so easy process, you had know HTML at least to create a basic website.
and more complex languages such as PHP and JAVA if you wanted more function.

Today with the power of WordPress the process of creating your website and then improving it with the help of different plugins and themes is a child play. you basically don’t need to know any code at all and you can create beautiful websites and complex function in ease.

In their latest web post – tgdaily.com came with a a list of benefits of using WP in your website:

“Cost is something that every company would consider before building their own website. WordPress can prove to be very cost effective. Gone are the days when creating a website would cost you immense amount of money. WordPress web designing and development can save you tons of money. Even the maintenance cost is relatively cheaper.

WordPress will enhance the experience of the user being an amazing platform. Additionally WordPress is SEO friendly. WordPress websites are attractive to search engines. The code used behind WordPress is very clear and simple making the search engines easier to track the website. Each post can have its own meta-description and can be optimized for relevant keywords maximizing the precision of search engine optimization. Tags can also be used to stimulate the SEO efforts.

Online security comes first. Having a good WordPress web designer and developer will strengthen the security of your website. You can make it hack proof with such platform. Compromising on your online security is exposing yourself to hundreds of risk. WordPress will ensure maximum protection.”

The cost point is a huge point in my opinion. not only the many free themes that are out there (and even the premium themes are in the $60 area which will not break your wallet) but the main thing is the many plugins that are out there, free or paid (again not sums that will break the bank).

Those plugins can add any function that you can think of and make your site faster, more secure and better overall.

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